Lately when looking for inspiration, I haven’t had to look any farther than the blogs I’ve been reading. I haven’t been doing this too long and I admit I only really became immersed in the fashion blogosphere about a month or two ago. I mean there were a few fashion blogs I’ve been reading religiously […]

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Here’s a post I meant to put up last week but oh well, better late than never. Anyway, here it is: A look at a few trends not likely to stand the test of time.

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So made a new header for my little bloggie. Not yet sure if I should keep it or replace it with something more colorful. Or just rotate the header from time to time. Hm. What do you think I should do?

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I don’t know what I could say about Rumi Neely, the blogger behind Fashion Toast, that everyone else in the blogosphere doesn’t know already. But she has the most followers on Bloglovin’, is now the face of Forever 21, and gets all kinds of cool, designer threads “gifted,” prompting fashion bloggerettes everywhere to step up […]

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I don’t know why but I tend to get very excited about couples who love to dress up. My husband and I are that way even though he sometimes gets ripped on by his friends for his formal jackets with black jeans and silver jewelry. (Why guys love to give each other a hard time […]

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Okay, originally this post was going to be of a watercolor I made yesterday to go with a rock goddess themed musing I had in mind, but… my scanner won’t work. It’s not broken; it just needs to be hooked up. In the meantime, here’s another watercolor I recently found in a beat up folder […]

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Recently I was offered a gift of a vintage fur coat. Pretty sweet, huh? I thought so too, especially since I still mourn the loss of that blue bunny coat. However, I ended up not accepting it since the coat, which ended up being donated, was 12 sizes too large. Altering it was of course […]

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There’s a perfect outfit for every situation, at least in my head. Now, you might think one wouldn’t need to wear anything special to sit by a window and contemplate life (or the bendability of one’s own feet), and you’d be right. You certainly wouldn’t. But… Let’s be honest. Isn’t everything more fun when you’re […]

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There’s something about the holidays that always makes me obsessed with shopping and duh there’s no shocker there. This is after all the time of year we’re all constantly bombarded with messages both subtle (constant holiday music playing) to not-so-subtle (Black Friday stampedes and the associated followup sales everywhere) enticing us poor fools to buy, […]

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When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, there are few things more depressing than feeling like you have to dress for function (like battling the soon-to-be-winter cold) rather than fashion. Yeah there’s some great winter fashion out there (fur jackets, floppy felt hats, thick, thigh high socks) but personally I’m not ready to […]

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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I haven’t had access to a scanner to post any recent art. I hope to remedy that this weekend, and get some artwork up, stat.

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This was originally going to be an art post, but then I thought better of it. Why try to compete with the work of pro photographers? This past weekend I was covering an event for my day job as a newspaper editor/reporter and that event was the Fall 2010 NYC Zombie Crawl in Manhattan. Basically […]

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