Those of you saw my earlier post may or may not have known that the pretty girl with the festive updo I was illustrating was Sabinna, one half of the blogging duo that puts out Broken-Cookies. The other half is David, who I would also like to capture in paint at some point. If you’re […]

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I hope everyone is having a good July 4th weekend. I know I am just hanging out at home with some time to be creative. Here’s a little something I’m working on at the moment. Not sure if I just shade this entirely in black and white or include some shades of gray. Oh well […]

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So I spent a week wondering why the t-shirt I designed for a contest Urban Outfitters is holding didn’t post to their website, but it finally looks like it did. Er… three times. Serves me right for being computer illiterate. But at any rate, if you guys could take a minute to rate my design […]

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A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to learn that I was the winner in a giveaway being organized by Wallace Chapman’s Street and City Photos. The prize? The pair of Karen Walker sunnies I’m wearing in this photo. For this giveaway, Wallace randomly chose a comment that had been left on his blog […]

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So this was a busy weekend for me artistically. I spent all of this morning–and most of yesterday morning–working on this illustration of a girl in a hot pink dress, inspired by a recent photo on The Sartorialist. It’s funny. I promised myself I’d stop illustrating style bloggers for a while (since, in my quest […]

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So today’s illustration was inspired by a girl I passed by on the street earlier this week in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood, who is, naturally, pictured here. When I passed by her on the sidewalk she was talking to a guy on a scooter nearby and the two graciously allowed me to snap away at them […]

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So there I was feeling uninspired, not knowing what to paint when for once I actually had some time on my hands (thanks, Memorial Day!) when I found the latest entry to the blog Bleubird Vintage, and immediately whipped out my watercolor set. If you’re not familiar with this blog, Bleubird is a collection of the […]

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Greetings from Orlando, Florida. Yep that’s where I am right now staying with friends, and enjoying the local wildlife (gators at Gatorland, birds of prey at a special sanctuary), not to mention the teeny brown lizards which overrun all the streets here. Yesterday I also got to walk around Orange St. (a.k.a. antiques row) and […]

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I promised myself I would do an illustration involving trees blossoming while they’re actually still doing just that, and thankfully, the Wanderlust girls recently posted some gorgeous and flowerific photos–just the inspiration I needed! I have illustrated the bloggers behind Wanderlust–Emily and Abigail–on My Style Canvas before. I thought the black and white I used  lent […]

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I know I don’t usually post pictures of myself, but sometimes… well… I just feel like it, okay? Probably those reading this who like to wear vintage clothes and clothes that are vintage-looking know about Modcloth, a great e-tailer for new clothes that are inspired by styles of the past. I’ve been shopping there a […]

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I know I’m going to catch some hell for this but as wedding-mania happened on Friday and over the weekend, I found that I just didn’t care about any of it. Not even the fashion aspect, because I thought Princess Catherine’s Dress was a bore. Nothing was particularly wrong with it of course, but it […]

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I had the pleasure of interviewing the Wanderlust girls, Emily and Abigail, three months ago for the newspaper I write for, Town & Village. And it was obvious based on our conversation then that these recent college grads really know their stuff when it comes to fashion writing and styling. So much so that as […]

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