One of the blogs I’ve been following a while now is Hey Lila Hey, published by Mia, a stylish chick who posts frequent adorable outfit photos as well as the occasional original illustration. Those too are of the fashion variety, and she has exquisite taste in clothes as well as subjects. Mia was also the […]

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It’s my mother’s birthday this Thursday, and in honor of her special day, I illustrated her in an adorable outfit she wore last week to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a striped blue and white dress and sneaker boots. I had such shoe envy that day, since I was stuck waiting on line for that […]

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I just wanted to dedicate a post to Alex London, a young fashion designer I met a couple of days ago at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Like me, she got yelled at twice for attempting to sketch the dresses at the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit.  I certainly felt her annoyance when I saw […]

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So yesterday I waited on line over three hours with thousands of other people to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I read that the exhibit is their most popular show ever, so the crowd wasn’t a surprise, especially since it concludes at the end of this weekend. Now, while […]

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I want to start this post by thanking everyone who participated in my first giveaway, because that means you follow the My Style Canvas blog or you recently signed up to do so. I was especially touched that a couple of you blogged about the giveaway on your own blogs–again thank you. But since there […]

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As the title of this post states, the theme here is Amy Winehouse: Before. That is, before she was overtaken by her demons: drugs and fame. I won’t bother with an Amy: After picture, since the internet is littered with photos just like that of her, appearing at best intoxicated, at worst completely lost. In […]

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British singer Amy Winehouse was found dead today at age 27. While her passing at too early an age won’t come as a surprise to too many, it is nonetheless a tragedy. So many people, especially artists and musicians, are such passionate individuals that they don’t know what to do with their extreme emotions, especially […]

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Was just looking through my iPhoto albums and realized there were a whole bunch of gems I hadn’t posted from my recent trip to the Sunshine State. Florida is home to so many beautiful kinds of tropical plantlife and I was really impressed after visiting Leu Botanical Gardens in Orlando. So naturally I hope you […]

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Even being an avid blog reader, there are few things I look forward to more than getting issues of my favorite magazines in the mail. (What can I say, I’m a print junkie. Probably why I’m still a print journo by day.) What I also look forward to, almost as much, is getting my catalogues […]

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Happy Sunday everyone. I sure hope anyone living in the NYC area has gotten a chance to go out this weekend because I have a feeling this will be the last point in the season where the weather is hot but not stiflingly so.  Also, I would like to announce a giveaway. I promised myself […]

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Soooo… here’s some more pics, courtesy of my husband, Edward, during a recent day trip to New Hope, PA. Cute little town if you haven’t been there before. Everywhere you look there are rainbow flags, bikers, outdoor cafes and stores catering to the needs of witches and people who like glass spun dildos. Reminds me of […]

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So… (since a few of you asked so nicely *blush*) I’m posting a few pics of myself today. (The rest are below.) These were taken by my husband in a sushi place we like where the lighting is blessedly dim and no one seemed to care that I was hamming it up at the bar […]

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