I admit that even in the days leading up to the royal wedding, I didn’t care about anyone involved. I mean, didn’t Americans fight a war so we didn’t have to care about what people are doing over the pond? Nevertheless I admit I felt differently once I could no longer ignore the constant media coverage leading up to the nuptials, at least from an artist perspective. (Royal weddings are always epic fashion moments!) I also illustrated, prior to the big day, what I thought Meghan Markle would wear (a fascinator!). Obviously I was wrong, but you can find that piece on my instagram, anyway. (@smollot)

As for this more accurate portrait, I’m pleased to say it is also now available on a newly created shop section on my website. You can expect to find original illustrations there as well as eventually prints. I hope you like it. Feel free to reach out with requests for commissions on non-royal wedding portraits as well!