Those of you have been following my blog a while may know I love Free People. I have illustrated some of the looks here before and I wear the label’s clothes more than any other. The boots pictured here are available online and when I saw them they made me think of July 4th fireworks which I got to see up close this year. So of course I had to recreate them in watercolor.

I’ve been asked by people before what I’m trying to say with my art. I’m usually without an answer though because does everything have to be about making some political statement? Can’t I still be a feminist and an intellectual if I just want to paint fierce shoes and beautiful clothes? I know I’m off on a tangent here but I am proud that the kind of art I do is fashion illustration. I know there are many in the art world who would scoff at it because it’s a distinctly commercial type of art but so’s any art really if it’s up on a gallery wall with a price on it. At the end of the day those of us who do it do it because we can’t not do it.

Do you ever feel like they have to defend their particular brand of creativity?