Today marks the end of “The Art of Fashion,” a fashion-themed art show I had a few illustrations in Gallery Z in Providence, Rhode Island. While at the opening reception, the curator, Melissa Thyden, also debuted a line of clothing for her own label, Cosmic Unicornz. There were about a dozen outfits, all 90s clubkid/rave scene fashion-inspired with lots of hologram vinyl, platform heels and all sexy, playful and fun. The best part is the clothes are all available and actually affordable. Adding to the 90s vibe were some elaborate crystal tiaras designed by My Pink Planet.

I wish I had time to illustrate them all but I had to settle for a few of the looks, shown here. Now of course I want to do more runway illustrations. At first I was going to live sketch the looks but then I thought I would be happier with the results if I took reference photos and illustrated later and I’m glad I did. (To all the designers out there, let me know if you want to collab!)

At the opening reception for “The Art of Fashion” at Gallery Z