Well it’s safe to say I’ve been on an Anna Sui kick. The only problem is I have too much inspiration and not enough time to make all my ideas come to life. Pictured here is my first illustration to be completed in acrylic paints on acrylic paper. (Thanks to Suzie and Tim of ArtFront Galleries for the supplies.) I really like how I was able to create a somewhat solid background, which would not have been too simple with my beloved watercolors. (Full disclosure: I still used Photoshop a little on the background only to make it even more solid.) Acrylics are so forgiving so I already have another very ambition piece in the works using them. But as to this one, it’s inspired by Anna Sui’s whimsical Spring 2017 line, which is is now available at the Soho, NYC boutique. Hence the inspiration also from the shop’s famous “Dolly Girl” mannequins. Which was is your favorite? There are a few (not all pictured here). I really had fun with this one and there’s a few behind the scenes work in progress shots on my Instagram page.