As the old expression goes, “Winter is coming,” but on the upside, so are the holidays, so there is a light ahead of the wind-filled tunnel. I used to hate this time of the year, but now that I’m a mom I find that I don’t mind all the sparkly things everywhere and all the old-timey Christmas music in the air any time I step into a store. So when designing a Christmas card, I made sure to keep all snark out of the equation and just try to evoke the joy of the season when one allows oneself to be open to feel it.

If you’re planning on sending cards to people this season, I’ve got this ornament-loving, Valentino gown wearing, floating through the stars gal available as cards as well as prints and other items (even coffee mugs and shower curtains) on my Fine Art America page. I’ve also got some other designs available that could also work as cards. If you don’t see anything you like feel free to email me with questions.