I can’t help but marvel at the irony that safety pins, a punk rock fashion staple, have become a mainstream trend. Granted, this time it’s about making a political statement rather than a fashion one but it’s still one you’re wearing. And the irony is in the fact that the safety pins, rather than give the message, “Stay away if you don’t want to get hurt,” or “yeah, it’s a safety pin, I can’t sew, F.U.” it’s about communicating a safe space to those who have been feeling marginalized by the results of the presidential election. While I know this is not a battle that can be won with safety pins or hashtags advertising their presence, I also don’t see the harm in an awareness campaign. So for this illo, I painted a no-nonsense punk girl wearing a safety pin as an earring (which I admit takes me back) and a safety pin choker. (You can actually find some cute ones on Etsy if you’re like me and too lazy to make one yourself.)