I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer. However, with the heatwave having stretched on and on in the tri-state area for entirely too long I can’t say I’ll be upset when fall does come along.

For me the nasty steam bath weather is all the excuse I need to stay indoors in paint, especially since in October I’m participating in another show with Artfront Galleries. I’m especially excited about this one is I’ve been asked to come up with fashion illustrations inspired by the more out there designers I love like Alexander McQueen and Betsey Johnson.

The piece pictured here that’s a work in progress is my Alexander McQueen inspired illustration. And I can honestly say it is the most ambitious piece I’ve ever done by far, larger scale than what I usually do, but still detail oriented. Fortunately I’m kind of obsessed with this butterfly gown wearing girl and her little owl, too. I wake up hoping I can sneak out of bed and paint for a while before anyone else in the apartment is even up. That plan doesn’t always work out but today I actually got in about 40 minutes before my daughter woke up, looking for me and snacks. (I’ve posted a few more progress shots on my Instagram @smollot.) So it’s been ongoing fun rather than an overwhelming assignment.

Also a big kiss and a thank you everyone who stops by this little blog of mine. I do appreciate the love.