A while back, maybe a few months ago, I discovered the style and talent of Jennie Vee, a rock singer and musician. Well to be honest my husband discovered her work. (without his recommendations I’d probably be listening to the same music I’ve been listening to since college) but I got hooked right away. Musically Jennie’s gritty and at the same time soft but never candy or cloying. (If you’ve never heard her stuff start by looking up her cover of Lips like Sugar on YouTube.) I also really liked her style. There was something about it that seemed very updated 1990s Riot Grrrl. Lots of little dresses, black tights, cute ankle boots and platinum blonde hair. So it made sense when I learned she’s the bassist for Hole. (She’s also a solo artist and has opened for Lana Del Rey.) Anyway here’s an illustration I did of Jennie, using watercolor pencils since that gave the piece the slightly grainy look I felt it needed. 

Hoping to do some more muse illos in the future and am open to suggestions for subjects. Hope you’re having a good week.