Happy spring, everyone and with that, a fairytale themed illustration for an open call for illustrators using the Chanel couture line spring/summer 2016 as inspiration organized by Marcus Kan of Draw a Dot. I also used the German fairytale The Twelve Dancing Princesses as inspiration. For those unfamiliar with the story there’s a part where the 12 princesses, all sisters, are spied upon as they escape from the palace to go out dancing with 12 waiting princes. They first go through a grove of trees with leaves of silver, then a second grove of trees with gold leaves and finally a third grove where the leaves drip with diamonds. I also incorporated Chanel’s accessories, sparkling bee brooches, into the woodsy scene because… why not? (Scroll down for details of this image.)

Have to extend my thanks to Draw a Dot for this challenge: it was my most elaborate illustration to date and on a much bigger canvas than what I normally work with. To see others’ entries, visit the Draw a Dot website over the next few days.

Also want to thank LITM lounge and gallery and the Gramercy Neighborhood Associates for featuring my work this month and supporting local artists.