Happy December everyone, and welcome to my ladies’ poker parlor. Come in, won’t you? Wait — what’s that you say? You think the deck might be stacked against you when it’s clear the woman in the forefront of the room has four Kings and an Ace? And the king is in fact, the man responsible for the gorgeous outfits the players are wearing, Marc Jacobs? Yeah… maybe you do want to sit this one out. Even I’m intimidated and I created the thing. However, it was really important to me that the women look sexy as well as strong, even formidable, which I think is fitting with the fall line by Jacobs.

This illustration was made as entry to an open call by blogger Marcus Kan of Draw a Dot, with the theme of Marc Jacobs’ line from Fall 2015. To see some more works by other artists inspired by Marc Jacobs, you can head over to Kan’s blog over the next few days.