Happy September, everyone and for those in or around NYC, happy Spring 2016 Fashion Week. 

Like anyone else interested fashion of course I always look forward to Autumn, though I have to admit I’m already mourning a bit for the summer when the pace was more relaxed and all the expectations of constant devotion to work seemed to be on hold. I won’t miss all the muggy hot weather though. 

Anyway, for this illo, I thought a woman in a striped top—such a seasonally transitional piece when in long sleeves and with a traditional boat neck—would make an appropriate subject. This was done using black and red water color pencils, hence the sketchy quality. I thought the girl’s vacant far away long seemed reminiscent of the models on the runway I’ve seen so far. Ah who am I kidding—I’m just making an excuse for not paying attention to the details of her facial expression when making this like I normally would when using regular watercolor paints. But you get the idea—fall is here and I’m feeling inspired already. I even brought my sketch pad to the office today so hopefully I’ll have time to capture some NYFW participants when they wander onto the streets in search of smoke breaks and taxis.