One of the first illustrations to be posted onto this blog–inspired by some Urban Outfitters dresses hanging in my closet

So…. this week I realized it’s been five years since I started this illustration blog. I did so at the time despite the very intimidating reality that in order to get any eyeballs on my blog in what was already a ridiculously oversaturated art and fashion blog market, it would have to be damn good. I’ve since found that comparing my blog and my kind of art (mostly fashion illustration) and how much traffic it gets to others’ is pointless. It’s just about doing something I’m passionate about; making it priority and ideally making art others will want to display in their own homes. I’m pleased to say this blog has been helpful there in driving interest although the sales I’ve gotten have come through other means (shows and my Fine Art America page). But I love that keeping up the blog gives me reason to find constant inspiration—and find the time to put my ideas on paper. I also really want to thank people who stop by, especially those who take the time to leave comments. They always perk me up no matter what kind of day I’m having, especially since I still prefer blogs to other forms of social media.

Anyway, I’m off to spend some outdoor time with the fam. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend.