Happy June or rather happy birthday to America’s one and only blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe.

I was working on an article earlier this week about an upcoming exhibit of Marilyn Monroe photos, so now of course I have Marilyn on the brain. But then, even if you didn’t see many of her movies it’s hard not to be a fan of this bygone glamour icon.

Part of it of course has to do with the fact that she died young so she’ll never age and be anything other than the woman everyone knew for her radiant laugh, shiny platinum curls and perfect skin. But there is also just something about her. She radiated femininity and warmth, so she seemed like she’d be the perfect girlfriend as well as the perfect friend, somehow as interested in others’ stories as we all were in hers.

At any rate, over the years she’s inspired artists too numerous to count. So of course I couldn’t resist being one them. I decided not to make this illustration too literal, and kept my color palette limited to a few bold hues. It was actually very freeing — and I credit MM’s spirit!