Hello and hope everyone is having a happy Mother’s Day.

I just came back from a lovely brunch with my husband, baby, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their three kids so I better write this before all the wine I drank kicks in.

This here is a photo from the ArtFront Galleries opening on Friday night. What a gorgeous and spacious venue the Newark’s new arts/sports recreation center (The Waterfront) is. A supervisor there had mentioned wanting to do even more art exhibitions in the future (hooray!) but I also want to give this place a shoutout to anyone who lives in the area for just enjoying any old day. It’s very new (built with Hurricane Sandy money) so it seems a lot of people don’t know aboutThe Waterfront yet and I would hate for such a great amenity to go underutilized. Seriously it’s an impressive joint from the mural of President Obama with Former Mayor Corey Booker in the hallway to the rock climbing wall in the lobby.

On a more personal note, seeing my work displayed as prints made me realize I should start doing more large-scale illustrations. Bigger works just look more impressive in gallery spaces. End of story.

Anyway hope everyone is having an inspired week.