This post is to those living in or near NYC—or anyone who happens to be visiting. If you’re looking to check out some locally produced art, be sure to walk through the Chelsea neighborhood. (in the teens to 20s on the West Side of Manhattan).

And if you happen to be in the market for any original pieces, you can find oh, 1500 or so at an incredibly low price ($85 each) as part of a benefit sale going on today called Postcards from the Edge. 

At this event, you will find postcard-sized art pieces submitted by famous as well as up-and-comers and unknowns all mixed together. (And yes I have a piece in there too!) However, the way it works is that while the list of artists is made available, the pieces themselves are anonymous, unsigned, with it being up to the viewer to guess who did what. If you purchase a piece, the organizers, Visual Aids, will then tell you who made it. Naturally everyone tries to guess who the famous artists are, in order to snag dirt-cheap pieces. No worries if you don’t have money to shop though because you can still support the organization by attending. (The suggested donation to enter is $5.)

If you think you might like to check it out, head to Visual Aids, located at 526 West 26th Street #510. Visual Aids is an organization devoted to promoting AIDS awareness through art.