Okay so today instead of doing my usual thing of posting a new illustration, I’m posting one from almost two years ago when I wrote about the jewelry company Bora.

This is a small, Brooklyn-based jewelry company that had a booth full of silver jewelry, mostly chunky rings and pendants at the Union Square Holiday Market. After spotting the booth in late November, 2012, I bought a ring, which was designed by the vendor’s brother, and I wear it pretty regularly to this day. Well technically I just put a deposit on it that day since the ring I liked had to be made new to fit my finger.

Actually getting the ring took a while (three months) but I felt it was worth it since I thought it was a really special piece. In a note that accompanied my ring, I got an explanation for the delay, which was that the company had just gotten swamped with special holiday orders. And I got the impression that other than the holiday market, they usually just do wholesale orders. So I was glad to to have gotten it.

But I’m writing again about it because since I published that post, three people have left comments here indicating they’d bought pieces from Bora that had broken shortly after being bought. Then no one from the company was reachable. My blog might seem to be a weird place for such comments, but Bora doesn’t have a website. I also once got an email from a concerned customer, and like a couple of the comments I got, it seemed to be from someone thinking my site is checked by or affiliated with Bora. It isn’t. Bora did once respond to a complaint here, but it would seem the company is still hard to reach.

A few weeks ago, I reached out via an email address (borajewelry@gmail.com) to mention the comments on my site, adding that I thought someone ought to respond to the customers’ concerns. But I haven’t heard back and no responses were left here.

To be fair to Bora, there were also a few positive comments left by very satisfied customers. Additionally, my own ring seems to be high quality and it’s one of my most worn pieces.  I’ll update this post of someone from Bora wants to say anything.


Off topic, the opening to the art show nine of my illustrations are being featured in has been postponed to next Sunday, October 19 fro 2-6 p.m. Apparently, a permit to use the previously vacant gallery space that took entirely too long is to blame. Ah bureaucracy.