Those of you who follow this blog are most likely aware that my taste in clothing tends to lean toward vintage, inspired, floral and ultra-girlie looks. Therefore, I surprised myself a little yesterday when I was drawn to an outfit I saw a girl wearing as she crossed a street in the Flatiron District.

I was walking a couple of yards behind her so I got to ogle the outfit without being all too creepy stalker about it (I hope!). And as you can see based on the illustration here, it was just a t-shirt and jeans. However, she really made this basic look seem fresh, I thought, with a tee that hung in a drapey way, showing a little bit of her back, and boyfriend jeans that were ripped at one knee and cuffed to highlight her calves and her boots. Topping off the look was a textured clutch tucked under one arm and her trendy bob haircut in a platinum blonde color with just a hint of blue at the tips.

This is the kind of simple chic we’ll only be seeing for a few more weeks in NYC, at which time, fall will be here in full force. Don’t get me wrong — I’m just as excited for fall fashion as anyone else. But luckily this summer hasn’t been especially brutal in terms of temperature and humidity, so you can actually dress for fun as well as the weather. So I’m just enjoying it while it lasts.