Well, hello there. And thank you for visiting this blog since I know I’ve been lax about posting this summer. I’ve been keeping a hand in a bunch of creative projects at once, but of course the downside of that is that it takes forever to to get any of them finished, or if I’m being completely honest, truly started. And in the meantime, bloggy here has been neglected.

As for my latest post, this is an illustration done entirely in watercolor pencils — a really fun medium if you’re into watercolors or sketching. It’s the best of both worlds since you get the softness of watercolor with the precision of pencil.

As for the subject matter, can you tell I’ve been bra hunting? I just fell in love with this fine piece of boob candy from Free People.

I especially enjoyed creating the lace and floral detail with the pencils — and believe it or not doing this actually keeps me from blowing my entire paycheck shopping. Art truly is the best distraction.


Bra is Free People Phoenix Rising Soft Bra.