Hello, all and happy July 4th to everyone reading this who lives stateside (and everyone else too, of course!). I was so grateful for the day off today that I didn’t even let a hurricane named Arthur that turned this normally barbecue-friendly holiday into a typical takeout night rain on my parade. And as you can see based on this illustration, inclement weather didn’t spoil these gals’ fun, either. (Seriously how could anyone not have a good time sipping sangrias by the pool?)

Also this pic marks the first time in three weeks I updated this blog. Times flies but I do intend to remedy that by trying to create a new piece of art every day. I still doubt I’ll be posting every day, but I’m trying to get back into a routine of illustrating regularly by taking the pressure off myself to make everything a sellable masterpiece or even something my mother would covet for her fridge. Too much pressure curtails creativity, you know? So I hope no one minds if I start posting things like works in progress, sketches and even the occasional doodle along with my usual watercolor illustrations. #apictureadaykeepsthedoctoraway