So recently I spotted this little black dress on Modcloth and it wasn’t just any LBD, IMHO. I immediately thought, with its white, almost matronly looking peter pan collar and near knee-length, of a dress worn by an early 90s era, newly famous Courtney love in her music video for “Miss World.” Worn with either combat boots or mary jane heels the look is unmistakeably riot grrrl. Then I started thinking about other vintage looks that this dress (named the Record Time dress) inspired. Paired with backcombed hair and platform heels and it’s something a young Marianne Faithfull would wear. (Who knew peter pan collars could be so versatile?) The possibilities are endless, really.

So I sketched a few of them (in water color pencil and pen). 1) is the aforementioned Marianne look. 2) Is 90s era punk/goth, complete with torn tights, boots and a barrette. 3) Belted and worn with polka dot hose, the look is polished but still fun. 4) With flats, little socks and pastel tinted hair, this is the most little girlie of the looks but I think the black is a good counterbalance to the hair color. 5) Worn with basic black tights and boots, this is the most basic of the looks and reminds me of something a French fashion blogger might wear, sans accessories, in order to showcase the simple elegance of the dress. So there you have it — five options, though I’m sure I missed a few other ways to style this piece.

Anyway, I’m off now to get back to the drawing board. My daughter just fell asleep which these days is when I get to squeeze in a bit of studio time.