In just a few days, one of my favorite shows, “Orange is the New Black” will be returning for a second season and I’m already squealing like a pig about it. I really have to commend the writers of the show for making the characters in the almost-all women cast so over the top messed up and yet so truthful and relatable. The actors for bringing them to life too. One of my favorites is Kate Mulgrew for her portrayal of Red, the Russian inmate running the prison kitchen. (I get extra nerd points for loving Kate as Captain Janeway on “Star Trek: Voyager.” But I like her even better on OITNB.) Easily the best line in the show so far is Red’s response after a fearful (and at that point starved) Piper apologizes to her for insulting her food. A sympathetic Red then said that Piper seemed like a sweet girl, but in prison, “I can’t do shit with ‘I’m sorry.’”

So this post depicts the fierce prison chef with a few of her knives and, as some who watch the show may remember from one episode, the elusive chicken Red wanted to cook before the Hispanic inmates could use it for Santeria.