As those of you who read this blog probably know I recently had a baby. So this here sketch I actually made around five or six weeks ago when I was very pregnant though I only got around to posting it today. I started doodling outfits because I was absolutely sick of maternity clothes. Why? Because frankly, most maternity clothes are pretty awful and uninspired looking. It’s like an endless sea of empire waist tops in cheap stretchy materials and jeans with an elastic band. And that’s just boring, not to mention depressing when the trends involve cropped sweaters and pencil skirts. Pair your inability to dress fashionably with the fact that you’re stone cold sober for nine months and well… it’s just not fun.

So, while I was pregnant, wherever possible, I’d stay away from the maternity sections of stores, and just size up with things like tops and leggings when shopping for clothes that fit. (Sadly the elastic-banded jeans are a necessity. Any other kind of jeans just won’t work, even sized up, after a while.) But I found that I could still dress in a fun way if I stuck with a bohemian kind of style; relaxed dresses and tops with interesting prints or fabrics, and wearing statement accessories. So the looks here are based on how I dressed during that time.

Look one involves layering: a long solid top under a sweater and a maxi skirt or dress. Pretty much everyone has this stuff in their closets. Any of those items in a relaxed fit would work. Look two shows how a high-low dress can disguise a big belly, especially when paired with a jacket, even a cropped one. Look three shows how a dolman or batwing oversized top makes a great alternative to an empire waist maternity top, the latter of which isn’t usually too flattering. (Whether you’re pregnant or not.) I also illustrated boots since they offer more support to to a person who’s slightly off balance than shoes and also because in the NYC area it’s been snowing nonstop. I don’t even think I’ve seen anyone wear shoes in months!

So… that’s my fashion advice for anyone else who’s pregnant and hates maternity clothes — or who just doesn’t want to spend their money on pieces they’re only going to wear a few months and then want to burn.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone’s having a good week and enjoying the beginning of March. Spring, hurry up!