Well, New York’s Fashion Week has come and gone, bringing dozens of runway shows to the city despite the back-to-back blizzards. Meanwhile, for the first time in… actually, I don’t even know how long, I’ve pretty much ignored all the NYFW coverage. It’s not that I’m not interested; it’s just that having a newborn can keep a girl pretty busy. Still, despite the exhaustion from diaper duty and prescription pain killers for my C-section recovery, I’ve managed to keep my hand in with illustrating. (And this blog is a great motivator, so thanks to those who stop by and leave feedback.)

Anyway, despite not having time to pore over all the articles and blog posts on NYFW, this illo is Fashion Week-inspired. I spotted some gorgeous photos of the Alice + Olivia Fall 2014 collection on style.com earlier this week and just fell in love with the pieces, in particular a rose-patterned gown you see here. Whoever designed the set for the show also included some butterflies here and there so I couldn’t resist throwing those in. I also was thinking about Byzantine paintings, which were often of religious figures surrounded by platter-like gold halos. So that style is incorporated here a bit too and I’m even thinking of doing some more illustrations in this style, since I feel like the gold ink I used made the image that much more festive looking and fitting of NYFW. I would like to make my next piece NYFW-related as well, so if anyone has any pics or coverage they think I should look at, either on your own blogs or elsewhere, please feel free to leave them in the comments.