Happy New Year, everyone. But before I get into my first post of the year, I just want to point out that I found this to be a particularly challenging post to put together. This is because usually it’s the things I love fashion-wise, not the things I can’t stand, that inspire me to write and illustrate. That said, like so many others with fashion blogs, I can’t resist fancying myself an expert on certain subjects and one of them happens to be trends that need to go away. Sometimes this is because a trend becomes so widespread it’s no longer interesting. Other times it’s because the look feels forced on the people doing it; that there’s no way they’d even try it out if it hadn’t gotten some editor or celebrity’s stamp of approval. Other times, it’s just too ugly to want to be seen in. While there were way too many #fashionfails in 2013 to get into in a single post, read on for the three that stood out the most in my mind.


Matching top and bottom

1. Matching tops and bottoms

What’s really interesting about this look is that it seems to have a place on the red carpet and… absolutely nowhere else. And to me that’s the first sign of a fashion fail or a trend that is destined to go nowhere. You may find pics of smiling celebs wearing the item, but the so-called “trend” will never trickle onto the streets. In this case, that might be because no one’s going to look at someone in a glorified pair of jammy-jams and think “Ooh, I wanna be her.” Seriously, how does anyone put on a matching top and bottom, especially in a silky material with some sheen (which is how I’ve seen these things look), and even think about leaving the house in them? Worn alone the pieces are okay, but save the Hugh Hefner PJs for the bedroom. Or better yet, skip them altogether.













Galaxy print dress

2. Galaxy or celestial print dresses

Unlike the aforementioned look, galaxy print dresses were everywhere in 2013, in all lengths and styles from mini to maxi. What’s wrong with this pattern, you ask? Well nothing really other than anything in galaxy print seemed to be a go-to party outfit for every other fashion blogger throughout the year, which resulted in the style screaming 2013! Whenever this happens with a trend, it ensures that it won’t have a long shelf life because it won’t feel interesting after just one season. I’m not sure what the hot pattern of 2014 will be although my money’s on either a geometric graphic or a new, bold type of stripe or both.
















Denim on denim

3. Denim on denim a.k.a. the Texas tuxedo

Every once in a while, denim on denim, usually in the form of a button down shirt and jeans or jeans with a denim jacket, will be declared all-American chic by a fashion editor. What happens next is that a few influential bloggers will experiment with the look and it’ll become something of a mini-trend. Some will advise that the look works better when the two types of denim are strikingly different. Others, however, will insist that the opposite is true and that the look works best with similar hues of denim. Personally, I think that either way the look is just a step above wearing sweats or a tracksuit. Comfortable and easy perhaps but uninspired. The outfit could easily be taken up a few notches by swapping out one of the denim pieces for just about anything else in another material.


So there you have it — my two cents on the year’s trends that need to go gently into that good night. If anyone disagrees, I respect that, so don’t be afraid of saying so in the comments. And I’d also love to hear it if you think there’s an even worse trend or 2013 fashion fail I missed.