This year it seems like holiday sweaters are all the rage, the uglier the better. In fact, I even have a designer friend whose ugly sweaters have been a huge seller (Go, Amanda!) and people are actually entering ugly sweater contests.

Now, while I still haven’t been tempted to partake in this particular trend, I will admit to having been drawn to another overly cute holiday item — the knit reindeer hat. As far as I know these hats aren’t available in stores, other than through Etsy sellers and perhaps a few other independent knitwear designs. I did recently find an image of a cute women’s knit hat with antlers that inspired the illustration for this post though it does seem that women’s styles are generally hard to find and even harder to buy. There are plenty of options for babies on Etsy though. Anyway what do you guys think of reindeer hats for kids as well as women? Too cute? Too ugly? So ugly it works? Or… not?

Well, anyway, hope everyone has a great Christmas, whether you’re spending it with family or just enjoying a well-deserved day off.