I hadn’t planned on doing a Thanksgiving post, but hey, why not?

This year I am thankful for a number of things, mainly my husband (with whom I just celebrated a 10th wedding anniversary earlier this month), but also my family, his family, our friends, my so-far healthy pregnancy and a new apartment we just moved into.

And being a cat lover and owner, I also am grateful for an organization called Cauz for Pawz, which helps animals in need, as well as pet owners who need help with things like affording vet care and the occasional bag of food.

Cauz for Pawz is a thrift shop in New York City (East 23rd Street in Manhattan) and all the money it makes goes to helping various animal and pet owner causes. Recently, the director there, who remembered my artwork from a show earlier this year at the National Arts Club, commissioned me to create some sort of animal painting (no girls, no fashion theme) for an auction they’ll be holding. Not having been asked to create anything that focuses on animals before, I was naturally quite nervous about this, but there was no way I was going to say no. In the end, I’m glad I didn’t since the director was very happy with it. (See the little guy below.) But of course, since I’m so used to drawing people, I just couldn’t resist creating a second illustration, this one of a woman holding a cat (pictured above), which I donated as a surprise. (P.S. Sorry for the slightly discolored images. I took pictures rather than use a scanner.)

So… definitely grateful for this opportunity to be creative in a way that helps others. If you’re interested in helping this group in any way, Cauz for Pawz happily accepts donations of clothes in good condition (they even resell some designer stuff) as well as some artwork and household items. They also accept financial donations of course, which go to their pet-helping goals, including a plan to open an upstate animal hospice farm.

I’m also grateful for this blog and the incredibly cool people who visit it. Thanks for the support and I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah to those who celebrate it) and unofficial start to winter.