I know it isn’t technically the end of summer yet, but somehow that’s just always how the last day of August has always felt to me — and well, I’d guess, a lot of people, what with back to school and Fashion Week around the corner and all.

Not that I’m complaining. I’ve been looking forward to fall (and fall fashion) since well… heh, the end of last fall, honestly.

Still, I thought it was only appropriate that I do one more summery fashion illustration, and this time my inspiration came by way of The Sartorialist.

Recently, he posted a few photos of a few chic racerback looks and this one was my favorite. I like how even though the woman appears slightly hunched over, perhaps texting as she walks, that doesn’t detract from her sexy glamour one bit.

But then, I’m just partial to looks with exposed backs. (This is probably since I can’t do the look myself; I’m just not comfortable without a bra. Yeah you could let the bra show but I think that’s just too sloppy to be chic beyond an exposed shoulder strap.) So all I can do is admire others who successfully pull it off.

Anyway, next up, some fall fashion illustration. (Is anyone as excited about leather skirts making a comeback as I am?)