If you live in New York or anywhere near it, it’s hard to even imagine a sunny day and thus a warm and airy outfit like the one pictured above as worn by fashion blogger Keiko Lynn, thanks to rain that’s currently gushing down. (Seven months after Hurricane Sandy I still find torrential downpours terrifying, so I’m really not happy with today’s weather.) Fortunately I’m actually able to take a bit of comfort in this latest illustration, which was inspired by a few photos posted yesterday on Keiko Lynn’s blog.

Hers is a blog I’ve been following for the past few months since I tend to be fans of bloggers who share my love of outfits that are vintage or vintage inspired, unapologetically girlie and feel special whether they’re expensive or not. Often Keiko Lynn’s outfits are sweet looking floral or lace numbers from Anthropologie (like the stripey “Waverly A Line” skirt pictured here), its sister companies Urban Outfitters and Free People, as well as Modcloth, ASOS and the occasional interesting small indie label. She also designs and makes clothing for own line, Postlapsaria, working out of Brooklyn, where she lives.

I was especially inspired by her look here since she really knows how to rock a crop top — mixed with a midi skirt the overall effect feels so sophisticated, no?