I don’t watch much TV, but one of the shows I’ve been willing to pay good money for via Apple TV is “Mad Men.” Over the past week, I’ve been catching up with the episodes on the sixth season and while I think that each of the characters have amazing style, one that’s stood out the most to me is that of Megan Draper. She somehow seems the most modern of the bunch whether it’s in jeans or some wild-printed dress or a formal gown, but never falls into hippie territory with her look — something the show’s been addressing costume-wise here and there, yet never quite delving in. (I have to say I’m happy about this — too often when people think about the 1960s, they immediately picture bellbottoms and long, unkempt hair, and that’s never what Mad Men’s about.

Anyway here are a few sketches of Megan based on outfits in three different episodes in season 6: one in jeans where she’s at home with husband Don, another while on vacation and another as she prepares to go out and receive an award at an advertising industry dinner. Now I’m wondering who to sketch or illustrate next, since there are so many great looks on that show from Betty to Joan to the underrated but perfectly chic Peggy.