Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Whether you’re a mom or not, today really is just too beautiful a day not to find an excuse to celebrate something.

As for me, before I go out with my mom, husband and mother-in-law, I figured I’d post this ink illustration that was just begging to be finished digitally with the addition of a few hits of color. Oh and a couple of bunnies. Just because. I also feel like this is should be an introductory illustration to a book or some sort of story. But I haven’t figured out what that story is yet.

Well, anyway, before I get ready, I’ll try to catch up on some of my favorite fashion and art blogs, which I haven’t visited in what feels like forever. Work has a way of taking over sometimes, but… not today. If anyone has a blog post they think I should read, don’t be shy about leaving a link in the comments section.