Well, hello there and thanks for stopping by this post. I say that because, well, I really am grateful. My two last illustration posts have been so completely off topic from what my blog is all about—that would be fashion illustration—that I did wonder if people would get turned off by them.

Specifically I’ve been making it a point to leave my comfort zone and get away from the things I normally do like fashion blogger portraits and other illustrations showcasing great outfits. Recently this has meant painting other things including a somewhat abstract deer and a portrait of actor Matt Smith from Doctor Who.

This time though, I kept things fashion-oriented, but I ditched my go-to watercolors and drew a sketch in ink of a woman in a top hat. And well, I’m really glad I did, since I love the look of the clean lines ink gives you with a fine point Staedtler pen. (On the other hand, now I’m kind of annoyed that this beautiful hat adorned with flowers and a net veil doesn’t actually exist!) Anyway I think the piece could use some pops of color so as of now I’d say this girl is a WIP.

Off topic, I’m looking forward to the weekend and spending some time with my mom and my husband’s mom on Mother’s Day. Hope you guys enjoy your Mother’s Day as well.