I hope you guys don’t mind, but today I thought I’d take a break from drawing portraits and outfits and focus on creating some artwork for the walls in my apartment. My husband’s been asking me to come up with something to fill about a half a dozen small frames he recently purchased, and since I was dragging my heels on the project, he urged me to go abstract. “Just do splashes of paint,” he told me. Which sounds nice. But, well… I’m just not an abstract artist. For me, everything I paint has to has to at least resemble something, even if it’s not a carbon copy. So I met the huz halfway, by making some splashy flowers to accompany the silhouette of a deer. Not quite Jackson Pollock, but trust me this was still somewhat out of my comfort zone. Meanwhile I ended up making this piece too big to fit into any of the new 5×7 inch frames. But that’s okay since I already have some other ideas for those.

In other news, been working on taking some designs of mine for a vintage-inspired line of dresses from paper to reality. It’s a lengthy process, which is why I’ve procrastinated as long as I have. But no one ever got anywhere by making excuses. I also want to point out that the reason I’m forcing myself to make it happen is due to all the support I’ve gotten from friends, family and the lovely people who stop by this blog and have left helpful feedback when I’d post the occasional design. So please know that I truly do appreciate it! I hope to post more updates on this soon.