Sometimes I get so caught up in the act of illustrating and painting that I forget there’s a lot more to being an artist than making pretty pictures.

Most pro artists sell prints of their work, since it’s a great way for people to buy artwork that’s affordable and easily customizable. I’d been wanting to get into that for a while but had yet to find the right print making shop. Fortunately there are plenty of online print shops these days and one of the bigger ones is the one I’ve just joined, Fine Art America.

So If you like what you’ve seen here on this blog, you can now find and order prints of a bunch of my illustrations and other watercolor paintings on my profile page¬†there, in various sizes and canvases (paper, canvas, note cards, etc.). If however, you don’t find a particular image you’re looking for, email me and I’ll be sure to add it.

I hope you guys are also having an inspired week.