So as those of you who’ve been reading this blog may know, I’ve really been inspired by the hair flower trend lately and in particular, I think flower crowns are really pretty. The other day I was Googling pictures of floral crowns and I came across a girl I immediately recognized because she’s the publisher of a fashion blog I read called Lost in the Haze.

If you don’t know Jo Fletcher’s blog, she she lives in New Zealand and frequently posts her vintage-inspired outfits that include many a pastel or punch colored mini dress, peter pan color and 1960s-esque updo. Her boyfriend Barnaby is the site’s photographer. I’ve been following her blog a while and have been meaning to do a portrait of her. Now that I have I wonder if she frequently gets mistaken for Scarlett Johansen. There’s such a resemblance don’t you think? Well, anyway if you’re seeking out new fashion blogs, then I recommend you give Lost in the Haze a chance.


In other news, a winner has been chosen for the Shabby Apple $50 gift certificate giveaway.

The winner is Jessica Hornibrook. Congrats, Jessica, and thanks so much to everyone else who participated on this site’s first brand-sponsored giveaway.