Lately I’ve found myself kind of obsessed with hair flowers, and not just oversized flower clips, of which I own a few, but more elaborate pieces like the flower crowns rocked by so many fashion bloggers and as of yesterday, I’m also loving flower fascinators.

I was actually Googling “flower crowns” for inspiration for an illustration and then found a photo on a hairstyle website showcasing various bridal looks including what looked like a fascinator of flowers worn on one side of the face. (It’s similar to what I illustrated here.) The model’s hair was teased up a bit too which made me think of Marie Antoinette, so that also inspired the look of my girl here. I resisted the urge to make this a portrait of Marie though since I thought making the look too “period” would spoil the effect of how very right now it actually is.

At any rate I’m now wondering if I should head to Etsy for a fabulous flower hairpiece of my own or go the DIY route. Somehow I think I might do the latter, since I’ve been feeling kind of ambitious lately. Is anyone else feeling the flower crown/headpiece trend? It’s a few years in already though flower crowns don’t seem to be going away and have actually become a very popular wedding alternative to the more traditional veil.