If you’re in the New York area, odds are you’re at home right now (or wish you were) due to a state of emergency that’s been called due to a nor’easter (named Nemo!!). I, thankfully, am home, watching documentaries on wolves and jackals on Hulu.

And while being a couch potato is fun, I figured I’d still make the time for an illustration post.

I realize this is not quite what I normally post here like cute portraits of bloggers and colorful cartoons, but I’d actually been meaning to create something inspired by Day of the Dead makeup for a while so… I finally did it this week. I was also inspired by a trend I’ve been seeing a few fashion bloggers try which is flower crowns, though I suppose Frida Kahlo should also get some credit for pioneering that ultra-feminine look. On my girl here I also put a Betsey Johnson prom-style dress and gold accessories, including rose shaped earrings and a sparkly clutch and a skeleton tattoo. As for the hummingbirds, well I have no idea what they’re there for. This undead gal is full of mysteries, no?

Full disclosure: I admit I almost didn’t post this illustration because I felt a little embarrassed about my lack of prowess with the supplies I was working with. Along with my usual watercolors I also used (for the first time) gold acrylic paint and at the bottom of the piece, melted candle wax for a bit of texture. It was actually a lot of fun creating it, but I’m not sure I’ll use wax again since the black paint I brushed over it still hasn’t completely dried–and I made this on Monday!