Just today I realized that I’ve been maintaining this little fashion illustration blog for two and a half years. That kinda/sorta landmark would have escaped me completely if I wasn’t scrolling through archive posts, which is when I realized the entire first month of posts somehow disappeared. I’m guessing this happened when I switched domains last year from a Blogger address to this WordPress one. But it was interesting to see, when hunting around for those missing illustration posts on my computer, how much my artistic style has evolved since then. When I started illustration blogging, I had just taken up watercolor painting and was still mostly sketching. And this here is the first sketch to ever appear on this blog, a portrait of one of my favorite bloggers, Alix Bancourt. Alix’s domain is The Cherry Blossom Girl, and those who read this blog may have seen my other illustration of her (this one in watercolor and watercolor pencil.)

Meanwhile I’m working some new watercolors, including more comic-style illustrations. I plan to have at least one WIP or, ever better, one finished product some time this week. I’m also making it a point to check out work by other artists, so if you have an art or illustration blog or just want to recommend one that inspires you, don’t be shy about leaving a link in the comments. And thanks as always to those pop by here and leave feedback.