Happy Sunday everyone, and hope everyone had a great Christmas or Hanukkah or both. Christmas was nice for me (lots of family stuff with my husband) but the time to wind down afterwards was what I really appreciated. More time to paint–yay. And I got to do so with new watercolor paints and watercolor pencils and new brushes (a gift from the huz.)

So what you see here is a watercolor pencil painting mixed with watercolor paint to fill in for colors I didn’t have in the pencil box. I really do like these pencils though–amazing the control they give you. For those unfamiliar with this medium, you just use them like regular pencils, then add water to make the color flow more like watercolor paint.

As for what, or rather who, is pictured here, I illustrated Alix Bancourt of the Cherry Blossom Girl. If you read this blog, you may have seen a previous illo of Alix here, since I’m a big fan of her blog and am pretty consistently inspired by her outfit photos. In the photo I worked from to create this piece, she’s wearing a floral tapestry dress by Nishe, which is what I think is what kept this image from looking whimsical rather than spooky.  Not that it wouldn’t have been beautiful if she was wearing an LBD, but I found the colorful frock she chose to be even more interesting.

But enough about what I’m up to. Anyone else get anything good for Christmas?