It’s already October, but for those living in and around NYC, it has just started to feel like fall has finally arrived. It’s been chilly and has been raining an awful lot and on Monday, I couldn’t believe my eyes (or’s figures) when I saw that the temperature was actually in the 40s! The high 40s, mind you, but…. still.

On the upside this means that it’s time to start layering those outfits, putting colored or textured tights on before dresses, wearing light jackets or cardigans over them and then topping the looks off with flowing scarves and face framing, brimmed hats.

And this fall, my favorite source of fashion inspiration, in particularly for outfits that involve lots of layering pieces, is Free People. This season there’s really been a great mix of the hippie witch meets twee vibe the label is known for (think plenty of kerchief style dresses as well as those that look like vintage slips worn with crescent moon pendants) along with pieces that have a more rock star feel (cropped faux leather moto jackets and skinny polka dot cords).

I’ve been a fan of this label for a while now (you can see a previous illustration inspired by a catalogue cover here) but I fell in love all over again last month during Fashion’s Night Out. Free People was one of the participating stores in the Flatiron area of Manhattan and my last stop of the evening. Normally stores don’t like it when people whip out their cameras or phones to take inspiration photos, but on FNO it was actually encouraged so I didn’t have to feel like some dorky looky-loo. Plus I had a legitimate excuse to snap away since I was covering Fashion’s Night Out for an article in Town & Village. Anyway I’m glad I took a few pics of their clothes because they served as the inspiration for the above illustration.

Doesn’t it make you want to wear socks pulled up high instead of pantyhose and have your scrunched up scarf blow delicately in the wind? Exactly! So glad fall is finally here!

P.S. Everything pictured in the illustration is available at Free People, from the boots to the scarf, except I think the dress and studded bag in white are sold out online.