Well, as anyone who reads fashion magazines or blogs knows by now, the color oxblood is really having a moment. From hats to shoes to lipstick to tights, this rich and natural looking shade of burgundy seems to be everywhere… and you certainly won’t hear me complaining about that.

In fact, the item you see illustrated here, one half of a pair of Everybody Vernato boots in black and… what else, oxblood, is just one of numerous pieces in this color that’s currently tempting me to ditch black as my signature color and start treating this hybrid hue like a new neutral.

Now unfortunately for me, these Victorian-style granny boots are sold out in my size. But I’m not crying over it since a) I’m too lazy to dress around Victorian-style boots, anyway and b) I know there are still tons of great oxblood pieces of all kinds available this season.

If you guys are also  fancying any oxblood loveliness in particular, feel free to mention the items you’re lusting for in the comments. I’d love to know about what’s been inspiring you, too!