Wait, don’t leave this page. You’re in the right place… well provided you it’s My Style Canvas you wanted. And yes, this is a sketch of a zombie. Yeah I know that has nothing to do with fashion, but I do on occasion like to do other types of illustrations as well.

Aaaand, recently I’ve found myself on a bit of a zombie kick. Along with being a fan of the AMC show The Walking Dead, I’m also the wife (and occasional assistant) to a special effects makeup artist who’s been called upon a lot lately to turn people into zombies. This is usually at zombie-themed events (zombie walks and pub crawls as well as zombie days at amusements parks like Six Flags Great Adventure and Dorney Park and even the occasional photo shoot like last year’s Party City Halloween catalogue.)

Since he often needs an extra pair of hands, I’ve naturally been trained in the fine art of greasepaint application for the purpose of turning a person from normal to completely decrepit and disgusting. (Boy is it fun!)

And what can I say, the smiling faces of those zombies after they see their reflection in a handheld mirror has inspired me to create a zombie character, who I call Zori. You can see her above, terrifying some poor guy who obviously has no taste if he’s immune to her charms. And you can see her below in a couple of other scenes.



Now, despite being undead, Zori, who’s been illustrated in ink and Photoshop, will be immortalized in notecards that’ll soon be available on this here website. I also plan to introduce her at miscellaneous zombie events like the upcoming Asbury Park, NJ Zombie Walk.

Since she’s so new though I’d love some honest feedback about what you think of this character and are there any situations you think I ought to put this little flesh-eating filly in? Do tell!


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