Normally I wouldn’t even dignify the old “blondes have more fun” line, but I have to admit, in every pic I’ve seen of Michigan-based blogger and blonde Andrea Kerbusky, she definitely looks like she’s having a ball. And while every outfit she’s worn appears effortlessly chic, from a swingy black mini dress with fuchsia pumps and a chunky necklace to vegan leather leggings with an oversized tee and high heel booties, it’s that curly, platinum mane of hers that usually steals the show. In recent posts, Andrea’s taken to wearing her hair in a high bun, which somehow manages to look both playful and polished at the same time.  (It just goes to show you; sometimes it’s the details, like a two-tone mani, a shiny ox-blood lip or in this case, perfectly unkempt hair courtesy of bleach and unapologetic roots that can take an outfit to the next level.)

Soooooo, since I was feeling inspired, the illustration you see here is based on one of Andrea’s recent outfit photo posts on her blog, Blonde Bedhead. 

I recently discovered this particular blog through Lucky Magazine’s new Lucky Community page, where she’s had a number of posts featured. (I’ve also had a couple of my own illustration posts featured there as well this past week, which you can see here and here if you want to. And there are lots of other interesting personal style blogs up there too so I definitely recommend stopping by.)

Off topic, I wanted to follow up on the giveaway I wrote about a few posts back and announce that the deadline to enter is the end of this month. The prize? A custom illustration of you that you can use as a blog sidebar, Bloglovin’ icon or just something you can present to a special someone to ensure that you are never out of sight or mind. If you want, you can also have the illustration made of someone else. The only rule is you have to follow this blog via Bloglovin’ or like the Facebook page. Two entries if you do both. Just leave a comment here if you’re in. The winner will be announced in the beginning of October via email and on this site. You can see some examples of my recent portrait illustrations here.