Happy Friday, everyone.

Today I wanted to share an illustration of a dress design I came up with. I can’t sew to save my life, but that’s never stopped me from designing dresses and other items like this here snow leopard, 1950s-inspired piece. Essentially stuff I’d like to wear but can’t find, and that I also think would look cool on just about any other woman as long as she pairs it with the right attitude.

I recently shared another dress design on this blog, which, like this one, was vintage-inspired and for girls who aren’t afraid to unleash their glamorous side. Fortunately for me, the feedback was really encouraging, both from readers and others I know. So much so that I decided I want to take my design doodling a step further and actually see what I can do about getting a few things manufactured and sold.

I still have plenty of research to do before I can get started, but I’m still pretty excited about the idea.

And, well, that’s all the news for today, folks. At some point later I’ll be along to visit my fellow artists’ blogs in the Paint Party Friday group as well as my favorite fashion blogs.