So excited!

I know I haven’t posted any art in the past couple of weeks, but part of the reason was that last week I was busy creating a few designs to submit to Modcloth. The reason? Modcloth, my favorite clothing e-tailer, recently announced it was holding a clothing design contest called Make the Cut.

And today I was informed that one of my designs has been selected as a finalist. There are a total of 30 finalists though only five will be winners chosen by a Facebook community vote. Voting starts next Monday.

The dress you see pictured here is the one they liked, which I call the Reindeer Garden Dress. In the inset is the same dress in another pattern that I call Holiday Bouquet. The theme for the contest was Winter Garden Gala, so I found inspiration in the most iconic images of the holiday season — reindeer in all their elegant, natural beauty, and red and green, the rich, vibrant colors of winter plantings. Thus, the featured patterns you see here. Additionally, in keeping with the cold weather reality of the season for many, I made sure to include sleeves and a ruffled collar to this 50s-inspired piece.

Slightly off topic, it’s funny to be thinking of winter/holiday party dresses now since NYC is currently roasting in yet another heat wave. Maybe next I’ll design some vintage-inspired swimsuits!

(This post is linked to Paint Party Friday.)