I’m not going to lie. I used to hate sneakers, and we’re not talking casual hatred here. I mean loathe with disgust–I refused to wear them even as a kid because I thought they made me look like, well, a kid. Specifically a babyish one who was unable to sneak out in her mother’s heels without said mother noticing and putting a stop to that. Other than when I was forced to wear them–for gym class–any sneakers I owned would stay in the far recesses of my closet. As an adult, I also felt the same way. Other than when using my elliptical or taking out the trash, the clumsy looking, cushy feeling things served no purpose as far as I was concerned. Though I will admit the comfort they offer is hard to resist as is the canvas-y cuteness of the Converses and Chucks rocked by many hipsters, sneaks were still, simply, just not me.

Until recently that is, and for a couple of reasons. The first is that my feet have finally begun to feel the effects of many years of abuse caused by the daily wearing of high heels. (As grandma warned me would happen, not that I listened.) Then there’s the second reason, which is a desire to be able “dress down” certain outfits. So as a result, I’ve begun noticing–and admiring–some, rather many, sneakers. In fact I recently invested in a pair–a high heeled off-white canvas pair–which did nothing to help my aching tootsies. But well, what can I tell you, it was the baby step I obviously needed since it led to my current desire for something else–actual flat, practical sneakers that don’t hurt, even after walking around a while. But of course…. they still have to be chic. Fortunately, this year, there seems to be no shortage of cute sneaks that come in all solid colors of the rainbow in high top and low top and they’re also available in all kinds of patterns from leopard to American flag to my favorite classic warm weather staple–floral.

Pictured here are a few floral sneaker designs that recently caught my eye during a recent Google search.

Starting from top left clockwise: Keds, Wet Seal, Converse All-Star, Kate Spade


In other news, voting is still open for a design contest I entered–Modcloth’s Make the Cut competition. My dress (pictured) is one of 30 finalists and well, I am currently getting clobbered by other contestants who I’m pretty sure have legions of Facebook friends. So if you could vote for me (you can vote once a day through Monday evening) I would be incredibly grateful. The way it works is the link takes you to a page where you “like” Modcloth on Facebook. Then you vote for the dress, which is also done on Facebook. Voting would count for a giveaway I’m holding with the prize being a custom portrait of YOU. (I checked Modcloth’s rules and they don’t seem to mention any problem about people encouraging votes through giveaways.) You can find details of the giveaway in this recent post.

This post is linked to Alexandra’s Sunday Sketches  artist group. Stop by if you want to check out some art by people ranging from beginner to pro-level.