Like most people born and raised in NYC, I tend to wear black often, and for many years, it was pretty much exclusively black with the only occasional pop of color. But in the past couple of years that has changed. I’m not sure why, but I’ve found myself drawn to rich vibrant colors, and all sorts of patterns. I’ve always loved florals and animal prints, so I’d make an exception to my no-color habit for those, but now it’s now it seems to be bright patterns that I want to wear more than ever. So much so that my once go-to LBDs are starting to grow cobwebs.

Hey, colors are fun, though I admit much harder to wear. You have to worry about matching or color blocking (whatever your preference). Plus wearing color can leave one feeling vulnerable as opposed to black, which somehow feels tougher and yet at the same time sophisticated. On the other hand, anything done day in and day out can also become too safe, and finally, mind numbingly dull.

At any rate, for this post, instead of the usual illustration (which I admit is not done yet anyway) I thought I’d share my latest outfit purchase, a blue-green dress with a pineapple print from Modcloth, with pink strappy heels, also from Modcloth. I bought both for a vacation I’ll be going on soon, but certainly there’s no harm in breaking them in early!

Also, I thought I’d mention this–since it was such a lovely surprise–with my purchase I wound up getting a bunch of freebie accessories. And no I do not have any affiliation/partnership with Modcloth. I’m guessing this is just something they do every once in a while to keep customers with an inclination to drop half their paychecks on vintage-inspired clothing and shoes to keep on keeping on! So, um, thanks.

To see the surprise goodie list (pictured), scroll down…

Canvas “Hello Summer” tote bag, a bow tie necklace on pearly beads, a green headband with polka dots (it’s got a wire inside for some cute bow-making action), a grandma playing bridge by the poolside in Florida-esque hat (which I’m wearing today to a barbecue along with my pineapple dress and pink heels), and an orange striped scarf that could double as a beach coverup. There’s also a pair of red framed sunnies that naturally I couldn’t find before taking the pic, and do keep scrolling down for the last piece, a gold-toned necklace with a pendant of two birds on a branch.

Oh and just for fun, here’s a picture of one section of my closet that shows my new obsession with patterns. Birds and squirrels (not pictured) and kitties, oh my!

Anyone else take any closet shots recently? If so, please include links in the comments section, I’d love to see ’em.