I promised myself after a recent shopping spree (Modcloth, you vile temptress!) that I would not buy any more clothes for a while. And so far I’m actually sticking to it. But the only reason for that I think is that I already have a couple of very cute LWDs (little white dresses!), that I get a lot of wear out of.

While I’ll always love LBDs and more recently, lots of bright patterns, there’s just something so effortlessly feminine and just right for summer about little white dresses. Especially if they have lace or crochet or a not too in-your-face print. Well, at any rate, I wear mine whenever I know they’re not going to be in danger of getting ruined with tomato sauce or random subway ick.

As for the three LWDs that are pictured here, they were inspired by one of my new favorite fashion blogs, Flashes of Style. The blogger, Manhattan-based Bonnie Barton is a big fan of ultra-girlie pieces like floral anything, lace tops and boater hats. Aaaaaand she also seems to be an appreciator of the LWD as I noticed three different ones in recent posts! So naturally, I had to illustrate them all here. Meanwhile Miss Barton is doing some illustrating of her own, specifically how LWDs, just as pretty with combat boots and bandanas as they are with platform sandals and minimal makeup, are incredibly versatile and timeless.

You can see a few of my previous LWD illustrations from this blog here and here (both based on the ones I own) and a couple more LWDs (that I don’t own) here.  To check out some Bonnie’s fab outfit photos, Flashes of Style can be found here.